Black Theatre Live


Bring on the Bollywood

“The grit and grime of existence on the streets of Mumbai and the glitz and kitsch of Bollywood glamour collide in this Asian musical” The Metro on the Bollywood musical Precious Bazaar.

“This is an effective re-thinking of the play in an exotic setting which never labours the sub-continental influences while also doing full justice to Genet’s themes” John Thaxter, British Theatre Guide on The Maids.

“Congratulations to Phizzical who have brought most diverse audiences to Roses Theatre with a well-crafted Cymbeline”Sherrif of Gloucester

“There is no doubt that Phizzical are reaching out to a new audience and have a unique product. They have a way into the hearts of young Asians that classical dance companies can only dream of” Pulse Connects on The Nautch Girl

“…witty and original” The Nottingham Post on The Smile of Despair

“arresting…never less than lucid” Brian Sebert of The New York Times on Phizzical produced performance Morphed at the 2014 Erasing Borders festival.