Black Theatre Live



'This was one of the most moving, entertaining and special shows of the year.' Liverpool (Made Up LV)

'A larger than life cabaret star, Le Gateau Chocolat is bright, bold and hard to ignore – but this beautiful 50 minute show was an intimate study into the insecurity of the performer and the man, creating something everyone can relate to.' Liverpoool (Made Up LV)

'Throughout the performances Le Gateau’s voice is a treat. Within a few bars we hear growling despair, softly-spoken hope and soaring joy. He can drop from tremulous operatic heights to a plaintive sotto voce with enviable ease, switching registers and changing mood with the abruptness of a jump cut.' Exeunt Magazine (Soho Theatre)

'Upfront and poignantly personal… Depression distilled in music and insight… Full of beauty and intensity.' Mark Shenton

Some Twitter feedback:

Great to see ‪@LeGateauChoc‬ fabulous new show last night.

Congrats to ‪@HomotopiaFest‬ who are on a real roll.

Top festival top talent - Fittings Multimedia

‪@LeGateauChoc‬ you were STUNNING last night darling. I was blown away. Thank you

‪@HomotopiaFest‬ - Lee Hagan

Anyone going to see at ‪@unitytheatre‬ tonight should bring handkerchieves! Beautiful piece, "Black" Just been to see

‪@LeGateauChoc‬ WOW

‪@HomotopiaFest‬ ‪#amazing‬ Luke Moorhead

‪@LeGateauChoc‬ moved us to moisture of every kind last night - wonderful show! But we're up bright and early to bring queer filth your way! - Ben Youdan

Black was phenomenal, last night. You had me close to tears with your poignant but funny story x - Stu bert