Black Theatre Live



This work is specifically aimed at people who are at risk of social exclusion because of the stigma of mental illness  (specifically depression), sexuality or gender related issues or body image and race. The work tells Le Gateau Chocolat's story and delves into the effects that specific events in his life may have had - what has shaped the person that we see in front of us on stage. The piece deals frankly with being fat and suffering with clinical depression.

These two taboo subjects have proved to be provocative for audiences so far. There is also a universality to the work. The work highlights the apparent differences between you and me but expatiating on the elements that unite us; for before our sexuality, colour, background surely, we are human first and have all been Black at some point. We have found that the work has attract a very diverse audience so far, in terms of race, sexuality and age: this is reflected in the choice of repertoire which ranges from the classical to reinterpreted music from popular culture. With repertoire ranging from Wagner, Gershwin, Bernstein and Purcell to Whitney Houston and Nina Simone as well as a broad ranging subject matter and the use of animation, the target audience is cross generational & multi-cultural.