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Birangona: Women of War

“A powerful new play… groundbreaking production.” The Guardian

“Gazi is a compelling performer and she holds nothing back… This is an illuminating and affecting piece.” The Stage

“It does not apportion blame but simply focuses on telling the stories as they are achieving what it sets out to do.” The Public Reviews

“Birangona: Women of War deals with a noble and important subject and handles it in a way that demands attention.”  Bargain Theatre Land

“It is an important play… delivers a deep and lasting emotional impact. The intensity of Gazi’s performance is undeniable… she is mesmerising.” London Theatre

“It is an intelligently conceived and executed tale… Co-writer Leesa Gazi’s superb performance is reinforced by shadow puppets and filmed interviews.” One World

“The narratives were skilfully woven into one, the times of fear blending into times of joy, then happy memories like that of her mother burning sweet smelling incense crumbling into the burning of the village the day she was captured, The details in the script were blunt and affecting.” Slaney Street, Birmingham

“I feel people should see Komola Collective’s haunting Birangona: Women of War. The production gives a powerful and necessary platform to the many hundreds of thousands of women systematically raped and tortured during the Liberation of Bangladesh in 1971. The stories of the Birangona women have been shrouded in shame and secrecy for too long and it is time for them to be told. The play is not only culturally important but also educationally important - revealing atrocities which have been swept aside over the course of history.”  Dancer & Choreographer Akram Khan