Black Theatre Live


Birangona: Women of War

Produced by Komola Collective
Script: Samina Luthfa & Leesa Gazi
Direction: Filiz Ozcan
Performers: Leesa Gazi & Amith Rahman
Stage, Design & Animation: Caitlin Abbott
Lighting Design: Nasirul Haque
Videographer: Fahmida Islam

Sound Design: Ahsan Reza Khan
Compositions: Sohini Alam
Vocals: Sohini Alam & Dewar Hossain Dilu
Voice Artist: Faisal Gazi
Stage Manager: Julianna Skarzynska
Poem: Tarfia Faizullah
Lyrics: Leesa Gazi
Birangona Artwork: Caitlin Abbott from original photo by Naib Uddin Ahmed

Leesa Gazi is a writer & actor, and a founding member of Komola Collective. She has worked with Southbank Centre, Globe Theatre, Akram Khan Company, Tara Arts, Facefront Theatre, Target Theatre, etc. She is currently working with Akram Khan and the BBC. Leesa is directing her debut feature doc ‘Rising Silence’.

Samina Luthfa is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Dhaka. She is a founding member of BotTala, a performance space, in Bangladesh. Samina is also a founding member of Theatre Folks, a group founded by expatriate Bangladeshis in Oxford, which seeks to encourage greater community cohesion through arts.

Filiz Ozcan is a director of theatre and a founding member of Komola Collective. Her recent productions include: Birangona in the UK and Bangladesh and The Legend of King Arthur in Poland. In 2013, Filiz led workshops for the Gdansk Shakespeare Festival. She is currently directing Animal Farm at Mercury Theatre.

Caitlin Abbott has been illustrating, designing and constructing for theatre since 2009, whilst studying Architecture at the Bartlett School, UCL. She has worked on productions of a variety of scales, from studio theatres to outdoor promenade performances. Caitlin Abbott is a founding member of Komola Collective.

Sohini Alam is a British vocalist of Bangladeshi descent and a founding member of Komola Collective.
She is lead vocalist for Khiyo and for Lokkhi Terra. She has been acclaimed for her work in various productions as Artist in Residence for Tara Arts and for her vocals on Akram Khan’s Desh.

Nasirul Haque has been a lighting designer for theatre over 17 years. He is the principal designer for Creations Unlimited Lighting & Visual Design company in Bangladesh. He uses light as a medium to reveal and accentuate. His experience in theatre, centre his approach on the atmosphere to be developed.

Fahmida Islam is a Media and Cultural Studies graduate with experience in marketing, office and digital media. She is now working towards being a successful videographer/filmmaker.

Ahsan Reza Khan is a flute player and a sound designer from Bangladesh. He currently works as a sound designer for Creations Unlimited Lighting & Visual Design Company. He has been working for theatres since 1990 as a sound designer and musician. He has worked in more than 25 theatre productions. Amith Rahman trained in the Philippines under American actor and director Dan Shor at the International Academy of film and TV. He is a trained dancer in Kathak, Arabic folk, Salsa and contemporary dance. Amith has worked alongside some big names in India, Turkey, England and America.

Julianna Skarzynska is a community Animateur for the New Vic Theatre. She is also a stage manager. She worked as an assistant stage manager on the New Vic 'Yizkor' tour and as a stage manager with Romeo and Juliet and The Legends of King Arthur for the Without Frontiers Festival.