Black Theatre Live


Bedtime Stories


Bedtime Stories is available for touring to flexible small to medium theatre spaces without seating banks or a stage. (Unless the stage is very large and can accommodate the whole immersive set). It is also adaptable to tour in venues with thrust stages where audiences are seated on 3 sides of the performance area.

The theatre space is transformed into a child’s bedroom, with a patchwork of pillows and blankets spread across the floor and beds where the audiences will settle comfortably. The performance comes to life around and above them, with dance, circus and 3D animation in 360-degree projection.

The performance space in the round required is 4 x 7 m. The total space required to include an audience is approximately 12x10m.

1 rigging point (1 ton load bearing) should be available at the centre of the space. Another point (1 ton load bearing) should be available anywhere else.

Minimum height is 5.5m to points.

We are touring with 4 projectors that will be on stands positioned at the 4 corners of the space.

We will require power: 5x 13a at control position total load 30amps.

Sound: 4x Speakers individually amped with gain control fed from AV control

Lighting: plan TBC

The production is 50 minutes long with no interval and can be repeated twice per day.

Get in time: 5 hours minimum

Get out time: 3 hours minimum

Touring company of 6: 3 performers, 1 Stage Manager, 1 tech/crew/driver and 1 Production Manager.

The recommended audience capacity is between 120-150 but can be adapted.