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Yasmeen Khan: The fringe should be the pilot light for diversity in mainstream theatre

22 March 2017

Yasmeen Khan currently hosts weekly shows on both Talkradio and BBC Three Counties Radio, where she often talks about theatre. She is the creator and curator of The Rehearsal Room Presents and is a 2017 Tamasha Playwright.

I say the 'D' word so often that I hear myself and wonder if people will groan and turn away or – worse – smile politely and feel they have to listen. In my work as a radio presenter, I've spent much of the past two years talking about diversity.

In the studio, I notice that the younger generation of creatives looks hopeful. It's the first time they're hearing the diversity debate happening on a national level, while the older actors and writers smile but look more weary – they've seen this conversation come around time and again; they have no wish to quash the hopes of a new generation, but they're also fed up of talking about it with little actual change happening. I understand that weariness.