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Theatre & Technology Awards launched

30 April 2017

Theatrefullstop have introduced the Theatre & Technology Awards which will take place on Sunday 22nd October 2017. The Theatre and Technology Awards will acknowledge the very best in 11 fields, which are:

  • Creative Innovation In Sound
  • Creative Innovation in Lighting 
  • Creative Innovation in Video Projection
  • Best Marketing Campaign
  • Best Online Publication
  • Best Podcast
  • Best Live Streaming Platform
  • Best Trailer
  • Best Production Photography
  • Best Poster Design
  • Outstanding Production

Voting for the first 4 categories have now opened, and these are voted for by theatre critics. Voting for the next 6 categories have opened to the public, with all categories closing on Friday 30th June. I have put forward productions for the Outstanding Production category that I deem incorporate technology in a unique manner. 

The aim of these awards is to celebrate the artistry used by professionals using technology to enhance the theatrical experience. We are living in a digital age and there are amazing feats being accomplished within theatre.