Black Theatre Live


The Observer article

26 October 2015

by Vanessa Thorpe

After a century of black British theatre, actors still struggle to take centre stage...

When Lenny Henry sets out next month to give his 10-part radio account of a century of black performance, announced by the BBC last week, he will be championing a neglected cause, but he will also have a difficult task on his hands. In singing the praises of influential theatre companies such as Nitro, Tara Arts and Talawa, and charting the great steps forward, from Paul Robeson’s London stage portrayal of Othello in 1930 to Chiwetel Ejiofor’s acclaimed appearance in Everyman at the National Theatre in the spring, Henry will need to negotiate the worthy labels that often dog discussions about black theatre.

Also featured is Cathy Tyson, first famous for the 1986 film Mona Lisa, and is performing in a Tara Arts co-production of a new play, She Called Me Mother, by Michelle Inniss. The production is part of Black Theatre Live, a band of eight regional theatres which aims to establish a black, Asian and minority ethnic touring theatre throughout the country.

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