Black Theatre Live


Tara Arts' Binglish exhibition

2 January 2019

In late 2018 Tara Arts opened the Binglish exhibition designed by Claudia Mayer at Tara Theatre in London.

“Binglish” = Black English; Being English; Bombay English; Beastly English...

A word coined by Artistic Director Jatinder Verma to describe the fusion of Indian and English languages that has been underway since at least the 17th century.

From Englishmen watching nautches (dances) to Victorian music halls transplanted to the heat and dust of India and the emergence of modern Bollywood cinema - wander through the exhibition to see the routes of our shared heritage and theatrical connections.

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With support from the V&A Theatre and Performance.

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Listen to the two podcasts here... Binglish Explored and Binglish A Closer Look.