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Stage One: Bridge The Gap training initiative for theatre producers

17 January 2019

Are you interested in overseeing a performance successfully being put on stage? Are you highly organised? Are you the collaborative coordinator on a creative process? Are you doing exactly what a theatre producer does, without realising?

Stage One helps emerging theatre producers get firmly on the first rung of their careers by providing the skillset needed to make them ready for commercial theatre. We’ve created Bridge the Gap to make sure that more people can build on the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in commercial theatre producing. 

What is Bridge the Gap?

Bridge the Gap is Stage One’s new initiative that has been developed in order to specifically cater to those that we have identified are under-represented on Stage One’s current programmes.

Over the course of the year, Bridge the Gap will offer a range of training opportunities in order to support participants with their producing skills and for Stage One to build a long term relationship with a range of producers no matter their level of experience.

Bridge the Gap will offer:

  • A free place on our renowned three day new producers workshop in either May or October (worth £425) which will equip our group with information given by industry professionals to bring their producing concepts to reality on the West End.
  • Tailored "Stage Two" masterclasses focusing on career progression and development, which will be specifically adapted to the needs of our participants.
  • Regular group tickets and access to theatre shows and press nights from our current Stage One producers and by members of our council. 
  • Placement on a yearlong mentorship scheme – Over the course of the year, participants will be partnered with a mentor that we believe will be able to support, develop and cater to their commercial producing needs.
  • Monthly group meetings with Stage One staff and community who will check in and offer space to help with their development, offering employment and industry support.

If you are interested in Bridge the Gap, please see our information pack, or get in touch with Siobhan on 0207 557 6752 or email [email protected]