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40A Highstreet Knaphill,
Woking, Surrey
GU21 2PY

Telephone: 0757 244 1226
Contact: Ese Ighorae
Email: [email protected]

Founder of Letter to centre Stage Ese Ighorae is a BA acting and community theatre graduate from East15 acting school, she has worked on community led projects with the HEBE foundation and is working towards helping Peckham Park baptist church secure funding for their theatre project - Raise the roof. Ese was inspired to help raise awareness on the recent events in Nigeria with  the missing Chibok girls.

The campaign 'Bring back our girls' was a successful one, gaining publicity and support from politicians to celebrities however it soon disappeared from media feeds and the girls have yet to be returned.

In January of 2015 Ese began campaigning to raise awareness with the campaign - London Cares Bring back our girls in order to  gain the support of her own community. The first event being a spoken word night for artists, friends, family and members of the community to express their thoughts and feelings.  the night was a success and encouraged Ese to write 'Olu'. “I felt a sense of responsibility being of Nigerian heritage it could have been my sister”

Ese is campaigning to have our poster - London cares, bring back our girls to be put on London underground in support of the missing girls, whilst London is a diverse and multicultural community it is essential that we openly campaign against acts of terrorism to continue in Nigeria and all over the world.




Letters to Centre Stage