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Telephone: 0790 966 2439
Contact: Madelaine Moore
Email: [email protected]

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Great stories, told by great women...

The Thelmas formed in response to a growing need for the support and development of new female writers. The gender imbalance in British theatre has never seemed more incongruous and so, much like the characters they help develop, The Thelmas are taking matters into our own hands. 

​We are passionate about theatre that is big, bold and emotionally resonant. We look for authentic and bitter sweet stories that stay with you. We crave socially impactful narratives that reflect our society, but don’t look to solve the prevalent issues. We want to explore possibilities without dictating answers.

The company is excited about creating work that is outside of the traditional female (BAME) stereotype, by telling stories that are unique, yet familiar. 

We love working with new people and at heart are women supporting women; valuing everyone’s contributions and achievements on merit.




The Thelmas