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The University of Oxford has attracted and produced heads of states, academics, writers, scientists, politicians, philosophers and many other luminaries as its alumni.  The names of Percy Bysshe Shelley, Oscar Wilde, Margret Thatcher, Harold Wilson and Bill Clinton are familiar to many.  But what about its Black scholars?

​Oxford University has seen many African, African-Caribbean,

African-Americans and Black British scholars pass through the hallow halls and colleges of the illustrious university. Christian Frederick Cole the first Black African scholar at the university in 873; Kofoworla Moore the first African woman to achieve a degree from St Hugh’s College in 1935; Alain Locke the first Rhodes Scholar to attend the university in 1907, or Grantley Adams, a student of St. Catherine’s, went onto become the first Premier of Barbados. The list is endless.

​Black Oxford Untold Stories celebrates the legacies and contributions of Oxford University’s Black scholars from the turn of the twentieth century to present day.

Black Oxford Untold Stories delivers a raising aspiration programme, a lecture programme and one -off projects pertaining to specific scholars.