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Ishi Khan-Jackson

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24 Rowbank Way,
Loughborough, Leicestershire
LE11 4AJ

Telephone: 07954 404 363
Contact: Ishi Khan-Jackson
Email: [email protected]

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Ishi primarily a solo performer.

IShe created, self-financed and produced my most recent work (2013/14). It culminated in a 10-venue tour. Her approach is to use art and performance to entertain but also engage with people; as a means to explore the things that affect our emotions. The things that cause us sadness but also bring joy and happiness to our lives. Within her creative expression is the desire to tell through my own experiences and exploration stories that inspire others to pursue their dreams and find the true self within. Her most recent work is told from the perspective of a young female from a Muslim background, who was born and raised in Africa. It provides new insights and experiences for audiences, but also has universal themes that resonate with people from different and very diverse backgrounds.

Ishi’s work has a modern and contemporary mind-set, but juxtaposes this with elements of traditional culturally specific storytelling. The narration, characterisations, and acting are combined with dance and music. Within my work I want to facilitate people to have an interest in self-discovery and the lives of others. Importantly, She delivers her work with humour and contemplation.

Over the past 12 months my work has received good reviews and audience attendance. Ishi’s most recent work received a nomination for Funny Women’s Best Show Award 2013, a 4-star rating from Camden Fringe and reviewed as ‘Life Affirming’ at Edinburgh Fringe. Zealous X also selected it as one of 100 artists to showcase their work at the Oxo Tower, Southbank.

Her ultimate aim is to bring my work to as diverse a range of audiences as possible. Previous work has demonstrated that is has appeal to traditional theatre goes. The venues and attendance levels have responded positively to my work. The themes of the piece are ones that people from more diverse backgrounds will relate to. Furthermore, we believe the work (performance and outreach activity) will attract diverse audiences who do not typically engage with the arts.

We are fortunate to have been successful with a recent Arts Council England GFTA application. The funding has enabled me to recruit a writer, Director/dramaturge, choreographer, musician-composer and digital set designer. This experienced and like-minded creative team will provide creative input that will bring out the best in Ishi’s creative talent vision and ambitions.

However Ishi would very much like to have the opportunity to work with the professional consortiums that make up Black Theatre Live. It would represent a major and significant opportunity for Ishi to increase the creative potential of the work and for the venues to have an original piece enlightening, though-provoking, and above all engaging and entertaining; work that will appeal to their existing audiences, but also has the potential for attracting new audiences to their venue. 


Love, Life, Laughter

Love, Life, Laughter

Ishi Khan-Jackson