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The Amateurs

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36 Airedale Road,
SW12 8SF

Telephone: 07951897 092
Contact: Ivan Andrade
Email: [email protected]

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The Amateurs is a professional ensemble producing theatre about what it is to be alive today. Its work is characterized by a very embodied approach to performance. All members of the company follow an exhaustive training that includes somatic work, meditation and stage presence in order to achieve a standard of work that transcends theatre merely as entertainment. Our aim is to deliver an experience that reaches the core of each audience member to remind us of those singular qualities that characterize human beings —empathy, compassion and love— which so often today are seemingly forgotten.

We understand and love good theatre.
Theatre that searches for the truth.
Theatre that challenges established ideas.
Theatre that speaks to the body.
Theatre that opens new perspectives.

Ivan Andrade (writer and director) and Clara Bes (pianist, photographer, and artistic director) founded The Amateurs in 2015 to run their own small and medium size theatre productions in Spain and the UK, where text, movement and music were integrated in the body of the interpreter to awaken a meaningful experience in the body of the spectator. Theatre that necessarily happens in the body in order to stimulate the mind.