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Contact: Ajay Chowdhury
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Rented Space is a London based theatre company dedicated to putting on an eclectic selection of plays with an occasional focus on the South Asian community. 

“Ajay Chowdhury’s inspired decision to relocate Shakespeare’s perennially perplexingCymbeline from mothballed old Roman Britain into the tense potency of India under the British Raj effectively sheds new light on what can be a difficult play to interpret.”

“(Smooch Music’s) award-winning surreal trip through the half conscious longings of Steven’s broken spirit is played by Tom Barnes without an ounce of self-pity, and he turns what sometimes verges on indulgent ramble into comic and gritty poetry.”

“(In When we Dead Awaken) Martin Stone gives us an impressively weak, selfish Rubek who is engulfed in the towering instability and melodrama of Danielle Allan’s Irene - an enjoyable and intense performance.”

Producer for The Merchant of Vembley, The Cockpit theatre, London, October 2015.


The Merchant of Vembley

The Merchant of Vembley

Rented Space Theatre Company