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Contact: Lanre Malaolu
Email: [email protected]

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Protocol is a London-based dance company dedicated to creating thrilling, bold and thought-provoking work. Since starting out in 2008, the group has evolved from a competitive street dance group to an established dance theatre company – but Protocol’s core ethos has never changed.

At the heart of Protocol is innovation and risk. The group are constantly experimenting with movement to create fresh and dynamic pieces of theatre.

Protocol’s creative fluidity means that they don’t subscribe to any one traditional form of dance. The group use a fusion of techniques, including street styles such as Popping, Hip Hop, House and Krump, to create their own unique language of movement. 

Protocol was founded in 2008 by Jared Garfield and Lanre Malaolu


I Can't Breath

I Can't Breath

24 February 2017

Protocol Dance Theatre