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7 Elliott Road,

Telephone: 0785 893 6520
Contact: Lakesha Arie- Angelo
Email: [email protected]

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We are a UK based theatre company producing work that explores identity, whether cultural, sexual, racial etc. Our aim is to infuse an array of art forms and mediums to create vibrant and engaging theatre. At Pidgin Playhouse, we take on new writing as well as established work.

Pidgin (Pij-in) Means a simplified form of speech used for communication between people not sharing a common language. We endeavour to create work that is universal no matter what ‘language’ our audiences identify with.

A message from the Artistic Director. Thank you for visiting. I am very proud to present Pidgin Playhouse to the world. My hope is that we can create opportunities for emerging artists and creative and continue to develop our network. As Artistic Director and Playwright I strive to produce work that tackles the ideas of identity and ‘self’ in a very human way in addition to encapsulating the magic that is theatre.


Sugar, Rum, Molasses

Sugar, Rum, Molasses

Pidgin Playhouse