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Mukul & Ghetto Tigers

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192-196 Hanbury Street,
E1 5HU

Telephone: 07931 999 673
Contact: Mukul Ahmed
Email: [email protected]

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Mukul and Ghetto Tigers is a theatre company created by Mukul Ahmed in order to create high quality globally culturally specific theatre to audiences.

Mukul and Ghetto Tigers collaborates with artists and companies involved in music, dance and other cultural artistic activities. It is these collaborators who are the Ghetto Tigers.

Among the Ghetto Tigers are artists who are well established as well as emerging artists who show great potential and raw talent. But one thing is common among all these Ghetto Tigers is the love for doing something to satisfy the thirst of human souls for music, dance and theatre.

Mukul and Ghetto Tigers was created in 2011 and it’s first production was ‘Londonee’ by Gupreet Bhatti at RichMix.

‘Mukul Ahmed’s lively and fast-paced version of Romeo and Juliet, which is performed in a mixture of English and Bengali, but in so cunning a fashion you barely notice the joins’. The Guardian


Punjabi Boy

Punjabi Boy

5 July 2016

Mukul & Ghetto Tigers