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Final Call Productions is a BAME Christian Theatre Company which is a Creative Ministry that seeks to inspire, engage, evangelise, encourage and inform its audiences through Theatre, Film and Poetry. We are passionate about theatre and use these mediums to awaken the God-given potential that rests within every human being;  we train, develop and support not only the next generation of theatre artists but also provide a network community of Christian poets, singers, actors and writers. We use storytelling to reflect and highlight issues that affect us, that affect our church, our children, our families and our society today, and raise awareness of the importance of personally knowing God.

We use theatre forum with some of our plays which is when the audience have the opportunity to discuss and provide advice on a difficult topic and we are able to give our personal testimonies on what God has done for us but also direct the audience into alternative and helpful ways to deal with certain situations.

Final Call Productions currently have 3 plays in production; And There Was War is our major theatre production but we also have 2 smaller plays which we tour around smaller venues.

I’m Having Sex is Final Call Production's theatrical response to the many high profile sexual abuse cases that are being brought to the public's attention. We use this play as a resource to raise awareness and bring to the forefront this topic for discussion in order to explore Christ centred solutions to sexual exploitation. The play touches on topics such as; sexual abuse, underage sex, Infidelity, issues in blended families, issues in marriage, trust, raising teenagers, gang related activity, peer pressure, promiscuity, teenage parents.

For Auld Lang Syne raises questions about the marriage institution and the reasons why people choose it. For Auld Lang Syne highlights issues on loneliness, communication, faith, adultery and Christianity. The audience have the opportunity to discuss and provide advice on a topic that effects couples, marriage relationships and families in our churches and society.

Final Call Productions was founded by Jermaine Wong in 2010. Jermaine Wong is the Artistic Director but also a playwright, Poet/Spoken Word artist, Secondary school drama teacher as well as Head of Drama. He has a BTEC National diploma in performing arts, has done Stage 3 Screen Acting at City Lit College and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama and Theatre Studies and won the Harold and Jean Brooks Drama Prize for excelling in his studies. Jermaine has from a young age dedicated his career to performing, creating and the arts, he has studied in filmmaking, TV presenting and dance and has choreographed some of the movement pieces in this and past productions.

Jermaine has travelled internationally performing his poetry and published his first poetry book called Germane Thinkin’ in 2014 with a collection of 26 of his poems. 


And There Was War

And There Was War

26 March 2016

Final Call Productions