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"The arts have a vital role to challenge pre-conceptions and to celebrate human compassion and optimism in countries where the struggle simply to survive makes these qualities all too easy to subvert.

Developing Artists provides transforming and sustainable opportunities for people living in immensely deprived environments and I therefore enthusiastically encourage you to generously support their work." Sir Derek Jacobi, Developing Artists Patron

Developing Artists is a registered charity working to support the arts in post-conflict nations and deprived communities.

Our projects connect people and institutions in some of the world's most disadvantaged areas with an international network of arts organisations and practitioners. Developing Artists strengthens underprivileged and marginalised communities by providing constructive outlets for their creative life, and transformative long-term opportunities for self-expression and professional development.

Developing Artists creates and supports collaborative productions, and through these productions identifies talented individuals who would benefit from participation in the charity's Apprenticeship Programme. Many of our productions go on to tour around the world, providing participants with a global platform and raising awareness of the key advocacy issues each of their projects address at an international level.

Over the past ten years Developing Artists has delivered over 25 projects in eight countries, and brought together artists and performing arts organisations throughout the world. The charity fosters a self-sustaining approach to the arts through which individuals acquire the skills to earn an income from their work, and initiate their own projects over the long term. They are empowered to share what they have learned with their local communities, thereby acting as catalysts for wider social change.


And Here I Am

And Here I Am

27 June 2017

Developing Artists