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Bella Heesom is a mixed race actor/writer/theatre-maker, based in London. Bella trained at LAMDA, before which she studied philosophy at the University of Cambridge.

Bella’s acting roles include the lead, Pandora, in The Woman In The Moon by Elizabethan playwright John Lyly at the Rose Theatre Bankside, for which she received rave reviews:

''tremendous versatility and stamina. She is barely ever off-stage" Michael Caines, Times Literary Supplement

''Ninety minutes of theatrical bliss… Heesom took us on a dazzling journey through conflicting expressions of womanhood - a bravura performance, which showed amazing adaptability and inventiveness.'' Mark Neal, Migrant Press

''The centrepiece performance is Heesom's chameleonic Pandora. She switches personalities like she's shuffling a deck of cards, one moment an intimidating kicker of asses, the next trapped in a hallucinatory wig-out, the next mumsy and caring. It's scarily good how strong Heesom's grip on this character is, and most importantly, even through a dizzying temperamental blizzard, the bedrock of her disposition remains stable, allowing for character development beyond the superficial planetary changes.'' London City Nights

Bella performed in a series of short plays commissioned for the innovative pop-up theatre venue, PEEP, which was the talk of the Edinburgh Fringe in 2012 and 2013. Bella starred in SexLife by Kefi Chadwick and 69 by Leo Butler, and Kay Adhsead even wrote a one-woman play, Happy Ending, specifically for Bella, after being impressed by her performance in I Am Sad You Are Dead Mrs T, a beautiful monologue that Kay wrote for Thatcherwrite at Theatre 503. Bella played Zainab in Mathematics of the Heart, which won Best New Play at the Brighton Fringe, and transferred to London.  Bella has also acted in feature films, short films and television.

Whilst at LAMDA, Bella co-devised a well-received play about identity and loss, based on the philosophy book 'I Am A Strange Loop' by Douglas Hofstadter.

Summer 2015 sees the world premiere of Bella’s debut play as a writer, My World Has Exploded A Little Bit; a bold, inventive, and unflinching exploration of her personal battle against her grief at the loss of her parents. It is a darkly comic interrogation of the internal conflicts and fragility inherent to the human condition, which come to light in the face of death.

My World Has Exploded A Little Bit is the beginning of a new, exciting stage of Bella’s development as an artist. Bella is excited to make more work that challenges and enthralls audiences by playing with the flexibility of the fourth wall, and directly engaging the audience with a disarming honesty and openness.

Bella believes theatre can change the world, and she strives to cultivate empathy with her work, by sharing her most intimate self in bold and imaginative ways.



My World Has Exploded A Little Bit

My World Has Exploded A Little Bit

Bella Heesom