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The Riksteatern, National Theatre of Sweden, is a social movement that tours nationally in Sweden. With over 340,000 members the theatre organises, mediates, produces and develops the Performing Arts.

The National Theatre has a broad and diverse operation stretching from north to south and far beyond Sweden's borders. It has international and intercultural activities where theatre, dance and the performing arts serve as tools for creating links between the local and the global. The National Theatre was founded in 1933 and is both a most vibrant popular movement and the largest producing touring theatre company in Sweden.

Riksteaterförening 230 regional affiliates organise different types of performing arts in their localities, both the National Theatre's own tours and other theatre, music and dance productions. Riksteatern is accessed by all and performs to over one million people every year. 

At the Congress every four years members make overall decisions on how the theatre and the popular movement will be operated and developed forward. This turns thoughts and feelings in motion the National Theatre has the vision of the performing arts that put thoughts and feelings in motion - for everyone everywhere. During the year, the organizers offer a repertoire of about 70 productions targeted to a variety of audiences. National Theatre also has extensive international operations, such as a multi-year collaboration with theaters in Finland and continuous exchanges, including the Balkans and Turkey and now the UK through the Unity Thetare, Liverpool and Black Thetare Live..

Other important parts of the National Theatre include SilentTheatre, which since 1977 has played theatre for deaf and hearing children, young people and adults, as well as the National Theatre's activities Children's & Young people, which is aimed at younger audiences with the performing arts in all forms and projects to get involved in. The Cullberg Ballet  is also part of the National Theatre, as well as its subsidiary Southern Theatre AB. Magnus Aspegren's CEO, theater director Måns Lagerlöf and Mia Larsson's dance director.