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Pariah Khan is a writer, performer, comedian and filmmaker based in Bristol, England. He has written and performed in theatre, stand-up comedy, storytelling events and he also directed and wrote the short film 'Slice' through Channel 4's Random Acts scheme. Oh, and he's a professional wrestling manager. 

Furthermore, he has worked extensively as a journalist, covering film reviews, wrestling interviews and other articles which can be found on this website's Blog.


Pariah Khan was born Hari Ramakrishnan in Libya, he moved to Chennai in South India, then to the East Midlands in Lincoln, back to India, over to Bristol and studied in London, graduating from the London School of Economics with a BSc in Politics and Philosophy (awarded Upper Second Class Honours). Moving between three continents has given him a real insight into different cultures and points of view held around the world. More importantly for hiscareer, it's given him access to a wide-range of humour and insight into life.

This website is for anyone who wants to follow his work, his comedic writing aims to challenge your way of thinking while still making you laugh. There are videos, articles and photos for you to enjoy. Feel free to browse the site for interesting content.


While deciding what to call myself as professional wrestling manager, I did not want to be stuck with a stereotypical Indian name (I was forced to use the ringname Raja Krishnan for my debut). At the same time, I didn't want to be called Jones Joneson or something that didn't reflect my heritage. Pariah was a perfect first name for a cocky, arrogant character who thought he was an outcast from society and better than everyone for it 

Pariah Khan came about as my choice for a pseudnonym whilst working as a professional wrestling manager. I didn't want to be stuck with a stereotypical Indian gimmick (my first ring name was Raja Krishnan), however I didn't want a name that didn't pay tribute to my heritage either. The surname Khan is universally recognisable, shared by famous Indian actors and it also had connotations of strength and power for me (Khan from Jungle Book, Shao Khan from Mortal Kombat, KHAAAN! from Star Trek). Pariah was a perfect fit for a cocky, arrogant, brash character who thought he was an outcast from society (a typical mindframe for comedians). It is also a word that links back to indigenous people from South India, which was important to me.


An Indian Abroad

An Indian Abroad

Pariah Khan