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2 Ashbourne Road ,

Telephone: 01202 247 327
Contact: Sharon Muiruri
Email: [email protected]

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Surya Arts is a Theatre in Education Team with a strong element of dance and music that works on projects that support The Rights of The Child. In particular Article 31 Every child has the Right to Play.

Key Aims:

• We want people in local schools, community centres, festivals  and theatres to experience exciting, high quality live theatre as well as rich educational experiences;

• The issue of Human Rights is on going and fits the Every Child Matters Agenda and the Citizenship Curriculum;

• Enrich the experience for young people and wider community by introducing them to new cultural forms;

* To explore various cultures and challenge stereotyped assumptions through a multi-arts medium.


Surya's Story

Surya's Story

Surya Arts