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759 Coventry Road, Small Heath,
B10 0JD

Telephone: 0770 380 9810
Contact: Henry Bays
Email: [email protected]

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Our mission is to turn conventional theatre on its head. We aim to create and revisit theatre that inspires all races, creeds and cultures to explore and embrace the differences or similarities we have through the power of live performance. Following our debut play Solids & Liquids Strictly Arts Theatre Company has gone from strength to strength. Green Leaves Fall, our most recent production, was extremely well received after our initial run at the Belgrade Theatre. The artistic director, Hamish Glenn, was very enthusiastic about the piece and immediately asked to work with us again on future productions, we will be there for two weeks next year.

Based in Birmingham, the company was founded by Corey Campbell in January 2014, alongside Reaya Sealey and assisted by Keiren Amos and Phillip Morris (associate workshop facilitators); the company was later joined by Henry Bays (now the company Producer).

Within our personal journeys at Birmingham School of Acting we either wanted to own, run or act in a theatre company that aims to make a difference to under-represented areas of society. We saw a niche in the market and we took advantage of that. What is the niche I hear you ask? Well we are a new, young, urban, physical theatre company that produce new pieces as well as published plays; alongside offering a wide range of bespoke workshops which are designed to suit our client’s needs and outcomes. The workshops are our way of directly connecting with communities and engaging them in our storytelling process.

Why Strictly Arts?

The one thing we always talked about when forming this company is that everything had to have a purpose. We had to give back to communities that raised us. It was all about the arts and how we could use that to benefit other people. Another important factor was our want to unify people from all different ways of life. Show them the differences in cultures but that ultimately we all strive towards the same things and the differences are interesting as opposed to threatening. This is epitomised by ourselves; Corey, Reaya and Henry would never have met let alone become friends if it wasn’t for acting and their belief that relevant, powerful and exciting theatre could change people’s lives for the better. We settled upon Strictly Arts Theatre Company. A name that we feel sums us up and expresses what we are about especially alongside the cogs of our branding which symbolises the unifying of our different backgrounds.

Within the company we each took on roles which complemented our personal attributes and came together as a team to complete other duties. Even though we each come from different backgrounds the one thing which enabled us to join forces was our passion for creating theatre that makes a difference and, due to the variety of backgrounds, we each bring a wide range of skills and experiences to the table which enables us to take ideas and turn them into well rounded productions for all audiences.


Green Leaves Fall

Green Leaves Fall

12 September 2016

Strictly Arts Theatre Company