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The #BigFoot Glossary

Big Foot uses a host of dynamite words and phrases to pepper the language and dialect of the characters, some with brilliant comic and dramatic effect. We’ve put together this sik short glossary with HighRise Theatre for Big Foot to whet your appetite for the show on tour

Two piece - Two pieces of chicken from the chicken and chips shop.

Beat and delete - One night stand.

Rug rats at messy play - Have sex in a fanatical way.

Roofie - A slag term for Rohypnol which is a powerful sedative drug of the benzodiazepine class, used as a date rape drug.

Blood - Slang term for mate.

Saltfish - Cod which is preserved in salt, used a lot in West Indian cooking.

Peng - Better than beautiful. If used in a sentence you’d say ‘She/He is peng.’ or ‘That juice was peng.’

‘Peng’ is always used in reference to how something looks and maybe how something tastes.

BossMan/Boss - A sign of respect to an elder, shopkeeper, or anyone that deserves the title.

Rah - An expression of disbelief.

Road Man - A person that’s quite street wise and knows how to handle themselves in difficult circumstances.

Ten Toes - Running away.

SNM - Say no more/ enough said.

Opp - Enemy/opposition. If used in a sentence 'That guy’s an opp fam!'

Fam - Family. Can also be used as a slang term for mate.

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