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Offue Okegbe on going to school in Stratford

Offue Okegbe who plays Horatio in Black Theatre Live's upcoming adaptation of Hamlet tells us about growing up in Stratford.

Which school in Stratford did you go to and who was your favourite teacher?

I went to Stratford School GMS, which is now called Stratford School Academy. My favourite teacher was Ms Hayward who taught music.

What subject were you good at?

I was actually really good at Science and that's why it was my favourite subject

Was there anywhere you and your friends would go to after school to hang out?

The main place we would go to would be West Ham Park. Only when it wasn't raining of course!

What is your fondest memory from school?

To be honest, my fondest memory was getting there early to play football with my mates.

When you come back to visit Stratford, where do you like to go eat?

Lots of places! Nando's, Spice Inn, the food hall downstairs in Westfield. During rehearsals, Brazil Express Cafe and Dang Pan Asian in Stratford Centre were good places to go.

What is your favourite thing to do in Stratford? 

I like having a walk in the park, either Queen Elizabeth Park or West Ham Park. I also like catching a movie at the Picturehouse Cinema or Vue in Westfield.

For anyone who hasn’t visited Stratford yet, what three words would you use to describe it?

Vibrant, surprising, welcoming... And we had the Olympics!

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